Florida Man August 3

Florida Man August 3: Man Kills Wife

Florida man August 3 was a crappy day for some people in the stories below. What happened on this day? Did Florida Man make a mess as he always does?

August 3rd is quite a roller coaster. Today, we can see the absurd stories as expected from Florida Man, while there’s also one sadistic and incredibly upsetting story.

So, are you ready to know what Florida Man did on August 3rd? See the full stories below:


Florida Man August 3, 2019 – Florida Man Was Sentenced for Killing His Wife.

Bartow, Florida – Today, a Florida Judge convicted a Florida man for murdering his wife. As they say, marriage isn’t easy.

Yes, it’s nice to live with someone you love. But, when hardships come, it takes more than courage to defend the marriage. Unfortunately, it did not happen in this family.

We’re talking about the story of a Florida Man, Travis Stephens (39), who received sentencing for killing his wife. He faces ten years in prison for what he has done. 

The incident happened when he and his wife, Beverly Stephens (34), went to Lake Wales Gym to pick their kid up. He was only ten years old at the time.

Shortly after, an argument happened. Both of them couldn’t contain their emotion. The cause of the argument remains unknown. 

He then forced his son to go inside the minivan and left his wife on the street. Feeling enraged, the wife hopped on the hood and continued climbing until she reached the car’s roof.

Seeing this absurdity, Stephens decided to make her fall by driving sharp to the right, causing the wife to fall off the car. After that, he drove away as if all of this didn’t happen.

Unfortunately for Beverly, she died the next day after the incident.

Florida Man August 3

Florida Man August 3, 2019 – Florida Man Arrested for Making A Mess with His Feces.

Orange County, Florida. – Here comes the “crappy” story. And what’s more absurd is that the event happened in an elementary school.

Deputies were confused after finding many items within the school were covered in cake frosting and, as you might know, feces.

The man responsible for this is Christian Dominic Shay (25). Fortunately, it happened very early in the morning, at 2 a.m.

According to CCTV, the man was seen jumping over the school fence and entering the building through one of the windows.

Inside, he spread cake frosting and feces on everything he saw, like chairs, desks, drawers, and other stuff. 

The police also found weird stuff in the bathroom: a TV remote covered in feces, cake frosting, and a stapler.

While outside the school, police found his laptop and dirty underwear that he intentionally left. 

Later, police told the staff that they knew the weird man making the mess. Police then the disgusting Florida man multiple charges.

Final Thoughts

We may agree that not all marriages are beautiful. Aside from the beautiful moments you cherish together, there will be times when conflicts happen, and it’s unavoidable.

So, rather than following your ego and anger to do harmful things that could hurt your spouse, partner, or loved one, it’s always much better if you take a deep breath and try to talk it out. 

Although it takes much time to control yourself, the results here are always more satisfying, and it’s better for both parties. 

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