Florida Man September 12 is another crazy day in the life of a Florida Man. Is this your birthday? If so, make sure to check it out.

Now we have come to Florida man September 18. September 18 is another day full of the adventures of Florida Man.

He has done it again, from silly stuff to severe violation of the politics in America.

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Florida Man September 18, 2018 – Florida Man Rides a Jet Ski On The Road

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – Passerby spotted a Florida Man riding a private jet ski, modified to work and look like a motorcycle. The view, however, is quite amusing.

A Florida man made it to the headlines on some news platforms due to a video showing him, Trey Yarbrough (23), riding a motorcycle that looks exactly like a jet ski.

It’s an unusual view for sure. The man greeted the cameraman, who also looked surprised at what they were actually looking at.

The vehicle is a hybrid between a Sea-Doo jet ski and Honda Elite Scooter. He was going on his way to the gym.

Yarbrough also said that it took him weeks to develop this unique vehicle. The hybrid does have brake and turns indicators, so it’s basically legal, as assured by the man himself.

Yarbrough said in an Instagram post that he created the vehicle because it could grab people’s attention.

Most people don’t usually enjoy their experiences with fellow motorists, so he gave them a reason to smile again.

Florida Man September 18, 2019 – Florida Man Arrested for Intervening with an Election with Racially-Motivated Threats

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia – On September 18, 2019, Police arrested a Florida man after making racial threats during the elections.

Police arrested the man under federal charges after he made racial threats against a candidate during the local election in the City Council of Charlottesville, Virginia.

The federal grand jury charged Daniel McMahon (31) with willful interference to a candidate for elective office, bias-motivated interference, threats sent to the candidate, and cyberstalking. 

As mentioned in the indictment, the man here was motivated by racial goals. He used his social media accounts to spread threats against a potential candidate for the office.

Of course, this was against the rules, and a long list of charges could be bestowed upon him.

The candidate’s attorney later said that the country protects free speech to enable any individual to spread their opinions online. However, it doesn’t allow anyone to apply violence and threats to somebody that could lead to further harm.

The attorney later continued by stating that the team would focus on cyber-threat cases and see the possibility of other civil rights violations.

He said that what the culprit had done was an attempt to disrupt an American political process.

The FBI division solidified the statement. The FBI stated they will always be committed to protecting the civil liberties of Americans. 

Final Thoughts

Seeing the first news, we may agree that Trey Yarbrough is a creative man. This shows that we can also be creative in life, making it less sour and bland.

If you feel you have a boring routine, it’s time to change it and turn it upside down into a beautiful thing.

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