Why The Little Things Matter

Many people put a lot of effort into planning the big things like an exciting vacation, a road trip that has been on the cards since college, or the evening of graduation where you get to wear your gown. These are just the tiniest snippet of the ‘big things’ many people look forward to in their lives. However, there is a saying that depicts that the small, everyday things matter the most.

That is not to say that the planned moments are obsolete – far from it, but it is more about finding the joy in every day rather than waiting for the next ‘event’. This piece is going to take a look at why exactly it is that the little things matter so you can be inspired to find them in the new year.


They All Add Up

The little things are what make up our whole day. Whether it is the first sip of a cup of tea in the morning, when your dog is excited to see you for seemingly no reason, or you get a particularly good pasty that is still warm from the bakery. These small, seemingly unimportant events all create the day you experience, and the more wonderful little moments you have, the better your day goes.

A skill you need to develop is ensuring you do not let a small negative experience significantly affect your day. Focus and be mindful of the good little experiences you have.

Focusing on the Big Things Can Be Overrated

When someone focuses on the next big thing that is coming up in their life, it is really easy to bypass any of the small victories because they are so busy focusing on an up-and-coming ‘main event’. The truth is, focusing on the big things can be overrated. It takes your attention away from living your life in the present and seeing things that are right in front of you. Every time you are having a bad moment or a difficult day, you will look forward to the future instead of looking for something good that is happening right in the present. This takes away the day you are actually living.


How Can You Be Mindful of the Little Things?

Focusing on the little things is all about recognizing when you are having a pleasant moment. An example of this could be lying down on some dream Ligne Roset sofa beds and reveling in a daytime nap, but noticing how comfortable you are, how you are grateful to have some time to have a rest and the feel of the sheets against your skin. If trying this exercise yourself doesn’t work on your current furniture, then take action that can make this come true so the small things can matter more by investing in something new. Yes, you had a negative experience to start, but what can you do to turn this around? Shopping for a new sofa bed could solve it, for instance.

Being in the moment and allowing yourself to gather these small experiences can change your whole mindset on each day and, subsequently, your life. The more you notice what you have to be grateful for, the more you will find things to enjoy and be happy about!

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